Menu for Breakfast and Lunch in Steveston Village



Folks have been coming to Steveston Bakery for almost three decades to enjoy the wonderful breakfasts, the hearty homemade gluten free soups, and the huge sandwiches. Steveston Village regulars, locals, and foreigners from Europe to China have stopped in to enjoy a bite. Our menu allows for many variations and choices.

Breakfast and Lunch in Steveston Village is sometimes challenging, because there are so many great choices. At Steveston Bakery you know you will get high quality food at affordable prices. We have been feeding locals and tourists alike for almost three decades. Drop by today

Breakfast Menu
  • Veggie & Egg Bun 
  • Veggie & Egg Croissant 
  • Veggie & Egg Bagel 
  • Veggie & Egg Burrito 
  • Bacon/ham & Egg Bun 
  • Bacon/ham & Egg Croissant
  • Bacon/ham & Egg Bagel 
  • Bacon/ham & Egg Burrito 
  • 2 Bacon, 2 Scrambled Eggs & Toast Or Hashbrowns 
  • Grilled Cheese 
  • Hashbrowns 
Lunch Menu
  • Soup Du Jour 
  • Veggie Sandwich  (Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Green Pepper)
  • Meat & Veg Sandwich 
  • Bagel Sandwich 
  • Croissant Sandwich 
  • Panini 
  • Wrap
  • Grilled Cheese 
  • BLT Bun/bread 
  • BLT Bagel 
  • BLT Croissant 
  • Salad (Greek, Caesar, Spinach) 
  • Add Bacon 
  • Add Cheese