Nestle Spring Water

Nestle Pure Life Natural Spring Water…from an underground artesian aquifer to being bottled on site in 20 minutes!!!

We hold our products to high standards of quality and safety. Water begins in nature, clean and safe, and we take precautions to make sure it stays that way so the natural minerals and unique taste of the water from each source are preserved as nature intended.

The Process

Nestlé® Pure Life® natural spring water is bottled at the source, a naturally protected spring within an ecosystem that includes areas of forests, wetlands, wildlife and surface waters. Our natural spring water is tapped from an artesian source, deep underground, protected from outside pollutants and industrial development. We manufacture our bottles on site, fill and then cap them making the whole process about 20 minutes from the artesian source to the bottle for the entire Nestlé® Pure Life® water process.

The Eco Shaped Bottle: Doing MORE with Less

Part of living well means caring about the health of our planet the way we care about the health of those we love. Our 500 mL Eco-Shape®bottle and cap contain on average 30% less plastic versus our original bottle. Nestlé Waters Canada is supporting long-term research into new environmentally focused packaging technologies such as biodegradable bottles. Until those become viable, we’ll keep working on reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles. For example, since 2000, we have reduced the plastic content in our packaging by approximately 60 %. We have also dramatically reduced our corrugate use, by 88,000 tons between 2004 and 2008. Our 500 mL “Eco-Shape” bottle, introduced in 2009, is among the lightest in beverage history.

Nestle Pure Life Natural Spring Water