Welcome to Steveston Bakery


Welcome to Steveston Bakery

Steveston Bakery ~ Open and Baking 7 Days a week for 29 YearsTasty Treats and Desserts at Steveston BakeryThe Best Homemade Soups in Richmond - Veggie and Hearty freshly made dailyPumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Tarts at Steveston BakeryBeef burger with potato salad and strawberry feta saladLovely Freshly Baked Sausage RollsCheesecake, Cheese cake and more Cheesecake at Steveston BakeryPhilly Cheese Steak Sandwich with saladSteveston Bakery from an Artist's Perspective

Steveston Bakery has been serving Steveston Village locals and tourists alike since 1989. Stop by for breakfast or lunch or just a coffee and a treat. We make two types of delicious homemade soups daily or try a sandwich on freshly baked bread.

Steveston Bakery was established in 1989 in the heart of Steveston Village by Hemant and Bimla Rao. They were both born in Fiji where they met and became high school sweethearts. They are both loved and respected by the Steveston Village locals for their vast community involvement and for the traditional breads, homemade soups, and desserts they create in their bakery

  • Hemant is a classically trained Master Baker who started his career by learning about sourdough leavening in the heart of San Francisco.
  • He also apprenticed in the Nappa Valley before returning to Vancouver.
  • Hemant then became a bakery apprentice at the Original Bread Garden on 1st Avenue in Kitsilano.
  • He worked his way up through the ranks to become the Master Baker before opening his own bakery in heart Steveston Village where he has been baking for over 27 years.

Hemant Rao, Master Baker and Owner of Steveston Bakery

  • Not only are we a quaint little bakery and cafe, but we boast some of the best homemade breads, pastries, cookies, and pies in the area at truly affordable prices.  
  • We creates cakes for all occasions including the eggless cake variety for all of  the vegetarians out there.
  • If you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, anniversary cake, or just and everyday cake for 5 people or 200 people, we will put it together with loving care just for you. From Black Forest cake to Diplomat cake, Double Chocolate cake, Grand Marnier cake, Mango Mousse cake, or Tiramisu cake, just to name a few.
  • The hearty soups are made fresh daily and would give Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” a run for his money – the locals and many lunch visitors make short work of the huge pots of delicious soups in no time.
  • Everyday there is a special homemade veggie soup and a more hearty meat or fish soup available so stop by today and try these extraordinary creations for yourself.
  • Steveston Bakery is more than your average bakery ~ drop by for a very affordable breakfast or lunch when you are in the area as nothing beats a sandwich on freshly baked bread, bun or croissant.
  • Nicholas Cotton “They have great everything.”
  • Anita K “Oh my God! Very good coffee! Excellent sweets and service. We had been there twice and asked for different things. Rumball, apple pie, chocolate musse, chocolate cone, Cake, and they were all excellent! The only problem is: if you go there too often, you will up a lot of pounds!”
  • Lorna M – Calgary, Alberta, Canada “Good coffee and yummy treats. The staff were very friendly, the coffee very good and the baked goods are heavenly. I will stop here again if get back this way.”
  • masbah – Wales, United Kingdom “Great BLT – First time we have tried the Steveston Bakery and we had BLT sandwiches which were the best my wife and I have ever tasted. Not really much room to sit in as it appears to be mainly a take away place . That being said most of the people sitting in appeared to be locals which telly you a thing or two. Every time we passed it was always very busy”
  • J Mac “Very sweet staff. They have the best bread I have ever tasted. I don’t like cake, but I LOVE cakes from this bakery. The icing is real and made from whipped cream (?) and doesn’t taste artificial and overly sweet like most cakes.” I will always buy all my cakes here”
  • Shila B. – Vancouver, BC “Everything in the window looks post card perfect. Service was awesome and the prices were decent. Good place if you’re in the area to get a sugar coma.”
  • B Odyn “A little Stevenson gem. A nice casual, comfy place with a small town vibe. Nice place for coffee in the simmer with water and dog ties out front for the little beast.”
  • Head5353 – Richmond, Canada “Quality” “Exceptional baked goods. They made a cake for me based on a special request and were very accommodating. Great breakfast treats there as well.”
  • Terry R. – Richmond, BC “I really like this place, and based on the crowd, so do many others. They have a few nice bread varieties, even a few loafs similar to what one might find in Europe. I wonder if they still do sourdough Saturday’s? Oh, their best kept secret is their pies. Try the apple…….so yummy with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.”
  • Missy J. – New York, United States “every summer i come here at least 2x a month (more often in early june. prawn/shrimp season, yanno). i always get the apple turnover and fruit tart to take home. and have whatever soup-sandwich combo of the day. everything is scrumptious! good homemade bread, too. service is amazingly friendly and consistently good. i laaahv it here!”
  • Rick Hampson “I went to Steveston this weekend and had to stop at Steveston Bakery. It is the best bang for your buck for breakfast or lunch. The soup and sandwich were so very tasty. Also learned they were voted the Best Bakery in Richmond by the Richmond News Readers.”
  • Sara B. – Richmond, BC “Great local bakery, kept clean and tidy. Customer service is awesome. Soups and sandwiches are fresh and delicious every day. I would highly recommend this bakery to friends and family.”
  • Deming Chen “I love the Steveston bakery! I highly recommend the soups, the fruit and fiber muffins and their Eccles cakes. The soups are always homemade and chunky, it’s always a treat. A warning though that they stop making soups during the summer. It’s a fun place to drop in on as you get to enjoy good food and see all the old timers sipping their coffee.”
  • Choy C. – Richmond, BC “Their yeast-free cranberry bread and their sour dough bread ($1.00 a loaf on sourdough Saturdays!) are my favourites. Few places bake their breads and baked goods from scratch and on the premises daily, but Steveston Bakery does. Their pies and cheese cakes are delicious. I have tried many of them. Their pie crusts are light and flaky and re-heat really well. Cheesecakes come in various flavours and you can really taste the quality of the ingredients they use. They also have some old-school pastries like “eccles cakes”, various types of tarts, date squares, and beef and chicken sausage rolls that are really nice as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee. The pastries and cookies have great flavour without being sugary or overly sweet. Prices are affordable and the service is great. A thumbs up from me!”
  • Table4two “This bakery is delectable! We drive out from surrey just to come here!! My only complaint was that we went in the evening and they were sold out of the chocolate pecan pie. Our own fault, next time we will go earlier or order in advance. Definitely try the chocolate pecan pie, you can also get the tart size which is so so so yummy. The German chocolate cake was also so good I could eat the whole thing!”
  • DL S. – Richmond, BC “I was just passing by and stopped in for lunch since I’ve heard good reviews. I had the daily special sandwich, which was turkey with 2 cheeses, roasted peppers and onions, and a bunch of other delicious stuff. So good! The melty cheese and roasted veggies blended together perfectly for a delicious sandwich. I originally thought it was a bit pricy at 6:50 for just a sandwich, but it was a good size and well worth it!”
  • Armanxburmy “Love this place!. My family and I are are vegetarians, and it is always difficult finding eggless cakes. We then discovered the Steveston Bakery. The bakers make amazing cakes that are so tasteful and delicious. We are never disappointed with the cakes, and always come back for more. We are so lucky to have found this place and will continue giving business! :)”
  • Leonard “I eat the soups here regularly as they are very well priced and are loaded with endless veggies; there’s no skimping here and the taste is always amazing. I also highly recommend the homemade breads, I especially really love the cranberry raisin bread, the apple tarts, and today for the first time I had their Tuxedo cake which was to die for! This afternoon I had their chicken quinoa soup with the Tuxedo cake and just for interest I ate a spoonful of soup, then some cake and on and on, and oh my goodness was it scrumptious! You can’t go wrong here. The staff here are super friendly as is the owner/baker……….don’t miss it!!”
  • Chris Golden “From the outside, this bakery won’t appear to anyone as anything more than the village bakery that’s been around for years. While both of those points are true, it’s what’s inside that counts! Having been here many times, I’ve always been happy with the baked goods available. The bread has always been fresh, the pastries always pleasant, and the old village chatter & gossip from the patrons soothing to my soul. Sure the coffee is just okay and the prices while reasonable, nothing to write home about, but again it’s more than that. On my recent visit, their debit machine was down & I had no cash (who carries cash anymore). While I was accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to be enjoying a cinnamon bun & coffee as I usually would, the clerk behind the counter asked if I lived nearby and told me just to come back later in the week when I was able to grab some cash or possibly when their machine would be working. I was floored. In fact, I tried to turn the kind gesture down! Now how many places provide people an IOU and trust them on faith to do the right thing? Darn straight you know I’ll be back here. Not only to pay, but to continue to provide this gem business!”
  • Jen M. – Vancouver, BC “I live directly across from this bakery. I am not big into baked goods so I hadn’t visited the bakery for the first month that I was living in Steveston. I finally went in for the first time last month because I had heard so many good things about them. The bakery is old school. I love it. They treat their customers like gold. I am obsessed with their german rye bread. They bake everything daily. I ordered a cake for my dad’s birthday and asked for something that wasn’t on the cake menu. They instantly said YES (music to my ears) and made me a white vanilla cake with coconut shavings. I brought it to the party and each person (literally, each person) said it was the best cake they had ever tasted in their lives. All my life I haven’t liked muffins or cake, but I tried a bit, then cut myself a piece. It was so light and airy and moist and amazing. Wow. I am a super loyal customer and the staff are so sweet, they deserve a shout out on Yelp. Please don’t ever change, little bakery! You are one of a kind.”
  • TPynoo “Great bakery with daily specials. Some loaves of bread go on special for $0.99”
  • Ashley K. – North Vancouver, BC “Dropped in for lunch and had an absolutely wonderful experience. The atmosphere is really laid-back and welcoming. The staff is wonderful–really friendly and gives great suggestions. It would be nice to see a younger crowd in there. The soup and sandwich were great–it’s difficult to find a decent veggie sandwich anywhere. I tried a couple of their pastries and really enjoyed the grand-marnier. Skip Tim Horton’s and go somewhere worth your money. Everything is homemade, not frozen like you get at other places.”
  • Tony Lo “Nice gem”
  • Ben Odynski “A gem”